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Industrial Tax Consulting’s specialized oil and gas property tax consulting group located in Houston, Texas, in conjunction with our Permian Basin and Denver offices, enables us to serve clients with oil and gas properties, leases, and operations in all the major plays and oil producing states.

We are one of the only property tax consulting groups that specializes in oil and gas services and has an active presence not only in the Permian Basin and Rockies, but outside of Texas.


Our industry specialized oil and gas Ad Valorem tax group is comprised of highly experienced oil and gas property tax professionals, Appraisers, Engineers, and Senior Property Tax Consultants, with over 40 years of private practice in appraising minerals, pipelines, and oilfield service equipment nationwide.


We are one of the only national property tax consulting groups that specializes in property tax reduction solutions for the oil and gas industry that has an active presence not only in the Permian Basin and Rockies, but outside of Texas.

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‘I can vouch for ITC’s expertise with land-based drilling rigs and related equipment on a nationwide basis. I saw firsthand what they did to significantly reduce Nabor’s property tax liability, in some instances by over 50% from the noticed or proposed assessment.

Before engaging ITC, Xtreme Drilling had a longstanding relationship with another tax consulting firm. We had no plans to switch. ITC proved not only to be a cost-effective resource for our operation here in Texas, by successfully negotiating our original notice of value at about $24 million, down to $6 million, resulting in cash tax savings for Xtreme Drilling of over $600,000. But also in Wyoming and Colorado.

The ITC Approach

ITC is one of the only indirect consulting groups that specializes in oil and gas services that has not only an active presence in the Permian Basin and Rockies, but outside of Texas.

Client Discovery Meeting

Our team will meet with you one-on-one, to learn more about you and your business, and the concerns you might have regarding your current property tax liability as well as any future assessment liabilities.

Property Assessment Analysis

Our industry-specific property tax analyst will perform an in-depth analysis of your current  property assessment to identify areas currently or possibly upcoming to overtaxation. We will also discover any potential exemptions or incentives that might be currently being overlooked and further minimize your taxable liability.

Strategic Consulting

After an analysis of your properties is performed, our team will provide you with a summary of real-time tax liability, future forecastings, and any potential exemption and incentive discoveries. At this point, we recommend the best course of action for minimizing any potential property tax liabilities moving forward. Should you choose to pursue your assessment appeals we will provide you with the strategic consulting and professional representation during the appeals process to ensure that you pay only your fair share of tax and not a penny more.

value settlment and tax forecasting

After the new determination of value is settled through either informal negotiations or the formal appeals process, we will review all changes made on your assessment, as well as provide a breakdown of the tax savings achieved on your behalf. At this point, we will recommend whether further action is needed to secure additional savings through legal remedies. We will also be able to provide you with the accruals and tax planning needed to ensure you minimize any potential tax liability moving forward.

In 2019 we saved clients over

Million in Tax savings

nationwide tax services

our specializations

multi state tax compliance

Business Personal Property filing deadlines are statutorily driven and vary by state. Our team of compliance specialists, using state-of-the-art software, will track and manage your filing requirements, so you don’t have to. We simplify the compliance process, removing the burden from you.

  • Tax Return/Rendition Prep and filing
  • Site Inspection with Assessor and Site Personnel
  • Annual Assessment Review
  • Tax Bill Payment and Processing

appeals and protests

We are experts at addressing the unique characteristics and attributes of oil and gas properties, such as the functional and economical obsolescence factors that can significantly affect the appraisal of your property.


  • Nationwide appeals and protest filing services
  • Informal and Formal Negotiations
  • ARB Representation Services
  • Client Lawsuit Filings
  • Litigation Oversight and Mediation Services

Exemption Discovery and Other Services

Whether filing a Freeport Exemption for your inventory, identifying and qualifying any Pollution-Control exempt assets, or negotiating an abatement for an expansion, by partnering with ITC, you will be taking a proactive approach to reducing tax liability through all available property tax exemptions and incentives.

  • Pipestock Inventory Exemption
  • TCEQ Pollution Control Exemptions
  • Mineral Appraisals
  • Severance Tax
  • Drilling Exemptions

How do I know I need help?

In order to tell if you might be overpaying in tax, we can provide you with both a commitment-free and confidential property tax liability analysis of your properties and help you identify areas were you might be subject to overtaxation.

We are the leading provider of tax reduction services for the u.s. frac sand industry.


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Your free property tax assessment liability analysis

We will provide you with a confidential in-depth property tax assessment liability analysis and exemption discovery that will show you where you might currently be overpaying in tax, as well as identify key areas where you might be subject to possible overtaxation in the future.

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