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Strategic partnerships throughout the united states
Our extensive experience with audit defense projects, reverse audits, managed
audits, and overpayment review, empowers us to positively affect the results of
our clients’ Sales and Use Tax examinations.


With our team’s deep understanding of Sales and Use Tax law, the Comptroller’s policies and procedures, and a professionally established working relationship with state agencies, we are able to achieve significant tax refunds and cost reduction for our clients

Industrial Tax Consulting and its partners offer Sales and Use Tax audit defense services, Sales and Use Tax reverse audit services, Sales and Use Tax refund reviews, and other client-specific state tax recovery services.

ITC also can provide clients with the natural gas and electricity predominant usage studies necessary to claim specific Sales and Use Tax exemptions from the state.

Multi-State sales and use tax services

  • Audit Defense and Refund Reviews
  • Sales and Use Tax Refunds and Exemptions
  • Predominant Use Studies
  • Nexus Studies
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Letter Rulings Request
  • Tax Refund Recovery

 Tax credit services offered

  • Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Credits
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits
  • New Market Tax Credits
  • Job Creation Tax Credits
  • Investment Tax Credits
  • Training Tax Credits
  • Headquarters Tax Credits


“Over the past several years ITC has demonstrated diligence and loyalty to us. Their customer service on our behalf has been superior. ITC takes pride in developing professional and trustworthy relationships with clients like TASUS Texas. I can state with confidence that ITC’s overall performance has been outstanding and I highly recommend ITC for all tax services.”

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