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property tax compliance Services and Reporting solutions

Nationwide Experience, Jurisdiction-specific Expertise.
Business Tangible Personal Property return filing deadlines are statutorily driven and vary by state. Our team of multi-state property tax compliance specialists will track, prepare, file, and manage your personal property rendition filing requirements and deadlines nationwide, so you don’t have to. Using state-of-the-art P.T.M.S property tax compliance software, we simplify the multi-state property tax compliance process, removing the burden from you.


If you are filing property tax returns in multiple jurisdictions or returns with more complex assets, your tax department may be overwhelmed and not have the compliance resources to efficiently manage and track all of your jurisdiction specific personal property tax return deadlines. Even some of our biggest clients do not have the tax compliance resources to efficiently meet the large volume of multi-state jurisdiction specific return requirements and deadlines they are required by law to file for in their specific states.

For this reason, we offer full-service property tax compliance and reporting solutions tailored to your unique industry and property’s state-specific filing requirements. Our multi-state property tax compliance specialist, understand multi-state property tax laws and regulations and have experience preparing, processing, and filing large volumes of personal property tax return filings for clients in multiple taxing jurisdictions.

At ITC we provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective property tax compliance solutions and resources that meet the needs of your state-specific filing requirements and complex property all while staying within your allocated budget. Whether you want us to become a co-sourcing extension of your tax department, or outsource all of your multi-state property tax compliance needs, ITC can ensure that all your real and personal property tax return filing requirements are being met in a transparent, strategic, and timely manner. All while minimizing any potential risk for late filing fees and penalties, or worse, failure to file your personal property tax returns.

ITC specializes in property tax compliance services for the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, industrial manufacturing, and energy industry. Specialized industries with complex properties in multiple states require complex property tax compliance management resources. ITC is here to help. From identification of non-taxable costs, complex asset exemption application filings and tax bill payments, to annual assessment reviews and tax bill management services, ITC can streamline the property tax compliance process for you in the most efficient and cost-effective way available.

When you engage ITC for your nationwide property tax compliance needs, you can rest assured you are working with one of the best nationwide property tax compliance firms in the nation.

In 2018 ITC provided multi-state property tax compliance and tax bill management services to clients in over 33 states.


Nationwide property tax Compliance Services and resources

Multi-State Property Tax Compliance Services

  • Annual Return Preparation and Filing Services
  • Identification of Nontaxable Costs
  • Identification of Underutilized Assets
  • Nationwide Property Tax Assessment Verification
  • Asset Exemption Form Filings
  • Fixed Asset Identification
  • Beginning to End Review of Tax Statements
  • Tax Bill Administration
  • Appeal Representation through informal and formal negotiations process

Tax Compliance Management and Co-Sourcing Services

  • Co-Sourced Tax Compliance Staff
  • Annual Assessment Reviews
  • Assessment Entry and Maintenance
  • Tax Bill Payment Services
  • Property Tax Return Compliance Handling
  • Nationwide Appeals Management Services
  • Property Tax Audit Services
  • Tax Planning and Forecasting
  • Complex Property Tax Compliance Consulting and Advisory Services

Nationwide Experience, Local Expertise, ITC.

“ITC has been effective at handling all of our compliance needs on a nationwide scale. Furthermore, their level of expertise within the oilfield service sector and the appeals process is remarkable.

“ITC provided exceptional responsiveness with our property tax consulting needs. They were timely and accurate in furnishing answers to questions and filing property tax renditions and applications for CEMEX, Inc. for over 400 locations nationwide.”

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