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We believe that no company should have to pay more than their fair share of property taxes. Our goal is to help companies free up the capital needed to invest in their business so that they can continue to grow and prosper in today’s competitive business environment.


Industrial Tax Consulting (ITC)  is a leading national State and Local Property Tax consulting and advisory firm, providing a wide range of multi-state property tax compliance services, appeals representations, business personal property valuation services, and property tax abatement and fixed asset exemption services, to clients concerned about maximizing their bottom line.

Our focus is simple: We strive to minimize property tax exposure for our clients by capitalizing on strategic opportunities for ad valorem tax reductions in an ever-changing market involving constantly advancing technologies.

Multi-State Property Tax Compliance Services

Using state-of-the-art tax compliance software, we simplify the business tangible personal property rendition filing process, removing the burden from you.

Business Personal Property Tax Valuation Services

Business Tangible Personal Property includes tangible assets such as your furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, computers, vehicles, inventory, and raw materials.

Industrial Real Estate Property Tax Consulting

We are experts at the appraisal of complex real estate tax issues. Our in-house team of real estate appraisers, senior property tax consultants, and tax attorneys ensure your complex industrial property is assessed at market value, not a penny more.

Incentive, Exemptions, and Abatement services

We offer clients a way to maximize their property tax reductions by offering cost-segregation services,  fixed asset exemption consulting, TCEQ Pollution Control exemption services, and property tax abatement services.

Property Tax Appeal Services & Litigation Support

We streamline the property tax appeals process through binding arbitration and robust property tax litigation support for the handling property tax attorney from assessment appeal filing all the way through your final judgment.

Sales & Use Tax Consulting Services

ITC and its partners have extensive experience with all SALT matters. From compliance services, to nexus studies, and state and local tax audits, we offer clients a wide array of SALT consulting services that maximize our clients’ tax refunds.

energy Property Tax consulting Services

ITC provides superior ad valorem tax advisory services to the oil and gas industry. We also offer severance tax services, and mineral appraisals for property tax purposes.

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Our innovative leaders from within the real estate appraisal, valuation, and property tax consulting services industry, backed by the latest multi-state property tax compliance software, provide our clients with the most cost-effective and results-driven property tax reduction strategies available.

As a result, we ensure above all that your business achieves the lowest possible assessed value for your Business Tangible Personal Property and your complex industrial real estate.

 industries served

ITC successfully provides property tax consulting services to a diversified portfolio of clients in key industries throughout the United States.

Since 2003, ITC has brought together some of the most recognized property tax resources from within the public, private contract appraisal, property tax consulting, and valuation sectors to ensure our clients are securing maximum property tax reductions for their complex industrial property and fixed assets in the most ethical and cost-effective manner possible.
  • Manufacturing -40%
  • Oil and Gas – 40%
  • Chemicals – 15%
  • Other – 5%

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